Another day, another beer – or two

Down town yesterday to bank a cheque, do a little shopping and call in at the Craft Beer Co pub at the top of Regent Hill. Every time I go there I hear interesting music – have even gone on to Churchill Square and bought stuff heard there, last being a fine Tom Waites album.
This time I sat with a pint of New Zealand hopped Tyne Bank Brewery Southern Star and listened to a track off Led Zepp 2 which I had been playing that very morning at home. A few sips later and it was Take 5 from the Dave Brubeck Quartet. A couple of days ago I heard the history of the tune on a BBC4 documentary, re-run because of his recent death.
Towards the end of my second pint (sorry, no details come to mind, except it was lower gravity and less hoppy but with enough body to stand up to the Southern Star) the delightful opening strains of ‘Willy the Pimp’ came through the speaker*. That’s Capt Beefheart’s vocal on Frank Zappa’s ‘Hot Rats’ album – a grand combination of talents.
Good beer and good music – no wonder I keep returning.

* The barman explained that whilst music was being delivered from someone’s Iphone the phone rang and blew the second speaker. That’s progress folks.

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