Pub encounters

Popped out this afternoon to buy some tonic concentrate and gas for the Sparklets machine – its a good environmental choice, but the company is now based in Palestine, and some folk have doubts about whether that’s on-balance a good thing or not.  Then it was on to Infinity for meusli and flours and seeds, but first the Craft Beer Co for a couple of halves.

Redwillow Brewery beers at the Craft Beer Co, Brighton

Redwillow Brewery beers at the Craft Beer Co, Brighton

These were the couple, then had a third half fom the same brewer – Headless 3.9% – another pale ale.  When I walked into the pub I heard the other customer ask Gregor, the barman, about supplying hops.  It seems Gregor is about to set up a sideline in buying bulk hops and repackaging for homebrewers.  You can e-mail him at and he will let you know when his website is up and running.

The other customer is a serious home brewer.  I mean he is planning to harvest the carbon dioxide from his fermenter and use it to top up his casks as the pressure of the secondary fermentation falls.  He pointed me to a good website, with various discussion forums on home brewing.  Its and it does look useful.

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