Our local Co-op has changed

We returned from Cardiff last night, and today I went to the Co-op on the Lewes Road.  All the wine shelves were full of wine bottles – most unusual, usually the cheaper bargains have all gone, and the hugely expensive ones are all that are left.

All the other shelves seemed to have stocks of goods, the vegetable area was full of vegetables.  Jackie bought lots of them – again, there are often very few available.

And the staff – there were lots of them.  In fact I had difficulty getting down the aisles because of the staff moving about.  And two efficient members of staff on the tills.

Whatever is going on?  Jackie thought someone had told them that full shelves help sales – but why should that happen now?  They never have had well stocked shelves before.  The usual line is, “we have the stock in the back, but no staff to put it out”.

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2 Responses to Our local Co-op has changed

  1. roundhillrob says:

    Well thats the answer then. Thanks John.

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