Brighton Festival programme arrives

The postman brought us both copies of the new May Festival programme.  Usually I find little that attracts me, I prefer the Fringe Programme as a rule.  But there was one name that caught my attention – Nina Hagen.  That name had me screaming (in my head) “down to the river”, it being the only bit of one of her songs (Der Spinner) that’s in English.

But how did I know that?  Then I remembered.  Over 25 years ago I met two Germans on holiday in Salisbury.  They were entering a pub I was leaving, and they asked me about the English beer  here.  I said don’t go in there, come with me and we’ll find some good English beer.  Still in touch with one of those guys, and many years ago he sent me cassette tapes of music he thought I might like.  One had a full side of Steve Forbert, and a lot of Police live at the Rockpalast, followed by some filler tracks including Der Spinner by Nina Hagen.

She’s a lot older now – should I go?  Searched around U tube and I fear her voice was better a couple of decades ago, but might try.  But do listen to Der Spinner – here,

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One Response to Brighton Festival programme arrives

  1. Minty Eric says:

    You can’t miss a chance to see Nina. Been a fan since late 70s, she hardly ever comes to the UK. I too rarely see Brighton Festival stuff that I’m interested in but this is a must! And the best Nina album? Gotta be 1981’s Nunsexmonkrock. The festival gig could be good because hopefully her madness and vocals won’t be drowned out by loud drums and bass guitars
    (ruined last concert I saw her do in the UK at the Forum in London a long time ago).

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