University of Brighton Degree Show and Joshua Barnes

Some time ago a young man consulted Jackie about a project he had in mind for his 3D design course.  He planned a seat which was also a sundial, and more.  It would cast shadows which could be read by an app in a tablet or smartphone, and would then bring up whatever data was stored with that image.

We went to see the delicate wood version of the bench and see the app at work, on the 2nd June.

In case you missed it, the bench announces it is a sundial.

In case you missed it, the bench announces it is a sundial.

The bench has a central armrest which acts as a gnomon, for this latitude.  The seat has hour lines and Roman numerals built into the design.  Perhaps the back is less accurate, not sure he calculated a reclining dial, or just extended the lines, but it would only see a shadow at the extreme ends of the day.  You can click on the photo to see it bigger.

viewing recovered images 2 (600 x 414)

Joshua is showing pictures taken at our Open House show, which are attached to a shadow pattern cast by the bench dial.  You might make out two of my folding diptych dials on his tablet.  The system works rather like those QR codes seen on all sorts of adverts and media in this modern world of ours.

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