William Willett – inventor of summer time

Well, British Summer Time anyway.  We first moved away from Greenwich Mean Time in 1916 as a wartime measure, but adopted it as part of normal life in 1925.  And it was one William Willett who came up with the idea.  Idiot – what’s wrong with sticking with GMT?  You don’t get more daylight.  Get up earlier if you want more daylight in your life.

Anyway there is a dial in Pett’s Wood, in SE London, which is marked with summertime hours, that commemorates this man.  I know this because its in a book called ‘The Wayfarer’s Book’ by E Mansell.  Published by Ward lock in hardback, price 3/6d.  No year of publication.

The summertime dial in Pett's Wood, drawn by E Mansell

The summertime dial in Pett’s Wood, drawn by E Mansell

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