An afternoon in town – 12th June 2013

Walked up across Seven Dials yesterday to see diabetes nurse for six monthly review of  health.  Enjoyed the Dials whilst there is very little in the way of railings separating people from fossil fuel driven wheeled steel boxes.  Made the place seem much bigger – but perhaps scarier.

That’s a viable health target – get fit enough to be able to hop over the railings when its clear to cross, rather than walk around like a helpless sheep.

Anyway the health review was good, so I decided to celebrate with a beer of three.  Craft pub first.  Two halves there, first was a rather traditional bitter from The Hop Studio, called Extra Special (5.5%) and OK but not extra special.  Then Tyne bank Pacific Pale – rather special this one, like alcoholic grapefruit juice.

Via a cash point and a glance in two outdoor kit shops; where I re-affirmed my decision not to buy new walking boots; to Wetherspoons in North Street for a half of Exmoor Gold.  One of my favourites a few years ago, but, spoilt by fruity hops, it seemed a little bland this time.

Would have gone straight home but found myself passing the Green Muse beside St Peter’s church, and it was happy hour ( hours really – 4pm to 7pm).  Popped in for a bottle of Hepworth’s Prospect, and ended up chatting to Jamie again and having a second bottle (£3 in happy hours).  Have taken to this new bar, and hope Jamie manages to make a go of it.

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