People ask me why I’m drunk all the time

Well, of course, I’m not.  That was a Bob Dylan quote, and it brought this response: ‘It levels my head and eases my mind.’  I was sitting in Wetherspoon’s nursing a pint of something from the Westgate Brewery after queuing for 30 minutes to buy my train tickets for a trip to Penzance in August, and thinking about the crappy quality of so much of the towns and countryside I seem to see.  And that had me thinking about the valuable anaesthetic quality of alcohol (and TV).

But, I went on to wonder, should I cease taking the metaphorical tablets and get involved?  I’ve done years of campaigning for one thing and another.  The one quick success was those ozone layer depleting propellants in aerosol sprays – we won that almost the moment I donned the aerosol suit outside Sainsbury’s.  But it was won because people stopped buying the products and an alternative propellant was available.  A slower win was working with Brighton on provision for cyclists.  It was many years back that reps from Bricycles (Brighton cycle campaign group) first sat down with town planners to discuss the location for the first on street cycle racks.  Now cycling is fairly high on the city’s agenda.

Perhaps I should be tithing for good causes.  Maybe not 10% but better than the 0.7% of our GDP we provide in international aid and development funding.  So I did something about it.  I opened a small standing order for 38 Degrees.

And I booked a place at the Fabian Summer conference in London.  Attended it two days ago, and heard lots of good stuff about planned environmental action in the Labour Party, should they win the election in 2015.  And I have started to do something about protecting our heritage of cast iron lampposts.  Walked the streets of Round Hill with a guy who knows a thing or two about lampposts, photographed every one and have drafted a paper on them.  The planning department have shown interest in mapping their exact locations.  Hopefully the Conservation staff (if we can still afford to employ any) will use the info to help protect them in future.

And I keep signing the e-petitions.  Just heard that the government is to take action to protect bees.  I hope it was my name on a mobile poster travelling around Cameron’s constituency that made the difference.  But direct action on bees is best.  I rescued this early spring flier with sugar solution in a teaspoon last March.

Feeding a cold bumble bee in March.  It was out too early for the flowers.

Feeding a cold bumble bee in March. It was out too early for the flowers.

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