A Day in Keymer

Three people we know have moved from Brighton over the South Downs hills to the village of Keymer, in the last three years.  Another couple we know are considering a move away from Brighton, so they came with us to meet up with the friends in Keymer, and see what is available there.  The answer is pleasing 1930s single storey bungalows with gardens large enough to be satisfying, and a good range of local shops on the high street.  The large number of well-stocked charity shops is an indicator of the big elderly population, and the significant proportion of them that die each year.  We all went to a handy pub (the Thatched Inn) for lunch.  The young barman confirmed this impression, noting that the busy evening period for regulars is between 4pm and 7pm, and they are all retired.  But food is the big deal at the Thatched Inn, and families of all ages come in for that.

A big plate of hand-carved ham and two fried eggs with lots of thick but crunchy chips, washed down with 4 pints of Ringwood Boondoggle – a light golden summer ale at 4%.  They did have Harvey’s Best but it seemed less appropriate for a hot sunny day.

Back in one of the gardens saw my first swarm of flying ants setting off to establish new colonies.

Ants leaving one nest in search of new sites - 1st August 2013

Ants leaving one nest in search of new sites – 1st August 2013

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One Response to A Day in Keymer

  1. Linda Taylor says:

    A great day out was enjoyed by all, even if the temperature was a little excessive. Hope to see you again soon!


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