Lyon’s Teashop Lithographs at the Tarner Gallery

Went to Eastbourne on Saturday 10th August to see the art Lyon’s commissioned to cover up their café walls in post-war austerity Britain when decorating materials were is short supply but apparently artists were readily available – having been recently de-mobbed mainly from the camouflage division of the war department.

The café had 40 lithographs made – mainly by the artists, though some had their paintings turned into lithographs by staff at Chromoworks – over nine years by all the names of the British art scene of the time, including Lowry, Gentleman, Moore, Sutherland and Nash.  The Towner has managed to obtain one of every print and some original designs and examples on the progress from inspiration to final product.  The artists who made their own lithographs created much more interesting images, making more use of the print medium.  Those who presented a painting or collage or whatever to others to generate a print, generally ended up with a more indifferent image.

The show runs to mid October and is well worth the price of admission, especially if you get the old person’s rate like we did.

Went on to lunch at a pub called the Eagle where I had a pint of Harvey’s Best and a pale and hoppier beer more suited to the warm weather – but who made it I forget.  The pies were good, as were the chips.  Jackie had vegetarian pie, I had Eagle pie – both excellent, and no raptors harmed in making my pie – though the chicken did not survive.

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One Response to Lyon’s Teashop Lithographs at the Tarner Gallery

  1. Linda Taylor says:

    Sandra, myself and our visitor from Leeds visited this exhibition last Thursday. Very impressed with the paintings and the prints and enjoyed the show much more than I thought I would. Agree that it is well worth a visit.

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