Beers in Cornwall. Beers from Devon.

Whilst in Cornwall in August I drank Tribute and Proper Job from St Austell brewery and of course Doom Bar from Sharps – but you don’t have to leave Brighton to drink that one.  Also found the rather rarer Spingo Middle (too malty and too few hops for me really, but when in Cornwall . . . ) and the paler, hoppier (and brewed for tourists?) Flora Daze.  Both sampled at a new (to me) Blue Anchor brewery pub called ‘Out of the Blue’ on the edge of Porthleven.

In Marazion I decided against walking to St Michaels Mount, and settled on sampling a beer after a leisurely crab salad and red wine lunch.   Crashing through conventions without fear, that’s me.  The Cutty Sark is part of the Marazion Hotel.  I nearly walked out as it seemed to be a café, but I was rescued by a regular who saw my plight and called me through to the hidden bar at the back.  There I drank Shipwreck Coast from the Penpont brewery – it was the nearest they had to a pale hoppy ale, described as golden ale with tangerine hoppy notes.  Fine by me.

On returning to Brighton my tent was returned by niece Rowena, and she added three bottles of beer picked up on her camping trip.  Thank you Rowena.

Three bottle conditioned ales from Devon.

Three bottle conditioned ales from Devon.

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