Gatwick Airport, en route to Enniskillen

Went to see my brother a couple of weeks ago.  Flew from Gatwick on 11th November, and had a couple of hours to fill up in the departure area.  Went in search of a bar.  The first I found had no real ale, and the only interesting bottled beer had sold out, but the barman suggested I kept walking and found the Wetherspoon’s.  Glad I did, had a pint of Jack D’Or, an American Saison style beer from the Pretty Things Brewery of Massachusetts, followed by a pint of Exmoor Gold.  Partway through this experience we arrived at 11am and the speaker system announced there would be a two minute silence to mark Remembrance Day.  Staff all came round to the public sides of their counters and stood still and silent, and within a moment or two everyone stopped and waited quietly.  I was surprised that it was so comprehensive.

After, I went to Café Rouge, which was staffed by French speakers, but I was able to get a good coffee and a full Anglais, before my Belfast flight was called.

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