The Gagging Bill or the Transparency in Lobbying . . . .Bill

I think I have finally understood this gagging bill which is coming back to the House of Commons soon.

Having spent several years dismantling local government because it is too close to the people and out of direct Central control of the elite, the Tories have noticed that charities and community groups are taking on the mantle once worn by local government, in fact the Tories are promoting the voluntary sector as a replacement for democracy.

BUT they have noticed that the voluntary sector may disagree with the elite, the powerful owners of capital and land, so they need a Gagging Law to stop them saying that greed is bad, and that concentrating wealth and power might be a bad thing for the majority of people.

I was delighted to hear that the full Council of B&H yesterday passed a motion to urge our three MPs to vote against the Gagging Bill when it next appears in Parliament.

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