Walking down to the seafront on Christmas Day

With a very low tide expected at 10am, and the chance to walk along the strand line and see what has been washed up in recent stormy days, I set off just after 9am for the seafront.  Passed a flooded Union Road, caused by a gravel-filled drain in the gutter, an increasingly common sight since clearance is now ‘on demand’ rather than a regular cycle.

poor maintenance in wet action Union Rd (600 x 464)

I’m glad to say that a week later the drain has been cleaned and recent heavy rain has flowed away quickly.  Across the road the Council has established a ‘used Christmas tree’ pen, for convenient disposal after the festive season.  There was a tree in it by 9am on Christmas day!  It looked rather old, so perhaps the Council kept it from last year and put it there to help people understand the purpose of the fenced area.

early tree deposit 25 dec am (600 x 497)

In the centre of the level two paths cross, a sort of level crossing.  At the crossing there are hard resin panels set into the ground, complete with detailed low relief images.  The biggest panel has Brighton scenes all set in a framework of slightly stylised elm trees, being the elms around the park, and part of the National Elm Tree Collection.  There are even images of the white-letter hairstreak butterfly in the tree canopy – rarely seen at ground level it’s larvae live on elm leaves.

Brighton themes on the Level (600 x 491)

In the centre panel you might spot a cyclist riding along the prom in front of beach huts – an interesting image because the Council expressly forbids such activity.

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