Beer and more gas lighting

The White Horse in Beverley (also known as Nellies) is a Sam Smiths house, so you’d expect cheap beer.  And you get it.  I was charged £2.20 for my first pint of Old Brewery bitter, and £1.80 for the next.  I did not pursue the discrepancy. The pub is lit by gas, and above each gas mantle there is a glass bowl.  I reckon its to disburse the heat and lessen the risk of fire damage to the ceilings.

Multiple rooms, coal fires and gas lighting give nellies a unique atmosphere.

Multiple rooms, coal fires and gas lighting give Nellies a unique atmosphere.

Beverley is also the home of East Yorkshires first micropub – a former bakers shop now The Chequers.  Seating for about 24 folk, local pies available, some wine, some cider (Yorkshire too, some of it) but mainly real ale.  I was pleased to see Dark Star pump clips on the wall, but The Chequers features local small breweries.  Prices more like Brighton, but a delightful ambience.

The Bar and landlord of the Chequers, Beverley

The Bar and landlord, Ian Allott of the Chequers, Beverley

Had glasses of Wold Top’s ‘Against the Grain’, a maize-based beer, pale and pleasing, and Great Newsome’s ‘Prickly Back Otchan’ bitter.

Great Newsome and Wold Top breweries.

Great Newsome and Wold Top breweries.

In Driffield we had lunch in a Greene King pub beside the church simply because it advertised food, but we called at the Starre Inn for beer.  All Hallows was a smoked pale ale from Goodmanham, at £2 a pint, and Moonshine was a US hopped IPA from Abbeydale of Sheffield, at £2.20 a pint.  There were 4 TVs all showing football or rugby (sound off) but no-one was watching any of them.  Jackie reported some graffiti in the Ladies, with an apostrophe issue, “Gary Preston is a paedo, he likes immature fanny’s” (I have changed the name).

On another day we bused to Bridlington and found the runner-up town pub of the Year for Hull and East Riding CAMRA – The Telegraph – newly done up, with a new microbrewery attached and awaiting a Customs & Excise licence before starting to brew.  meanwhile they had a selection of local ales, and we tried them all. From Wold Top we had Angler’s Reward and Spring Fling, then Bonhomme Richard from East Coast Brewers (of Filey) and Bradfield brewery’s Farmers Pale Ale, all at £2.60 a pint.

Sunshine and beer on the Yorkshire coast

Sunshine and beer on the Yorkshire coast

In 1779 Captain John Paul Jones attacked an Admiralty ship off Flamborough Head, and eventually captured her.  His ship was the Bonhomme Richard and he was fighting for the independence of our American colonies.  Not our finest hour.


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  1. fredpipes says:

    Very timely – I shall be exploring Beverley and ‘ull over easter, with a quick look at Gainsborough in Lincs…

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