A six mile walk on the 8th June 2014

I know it was a few days ago, but on that walk – just outside Brighton to the east – whilst watching skylarks, I heard a cuckoo.  Just the one ‘cuck-coo’, but really clear.  When I got home I tried to find out if it was likely that cuckoos would be calling so late in the year.  The Sussex Ornithological Society chap responded to my message saying he had heard one on the south coast just a few days earlier, and he thought it might be one seeking a mate having arrived late from Africa.

Then, at a party last Thursday I was talking to a guy who has written books for the RSPB, and he had been walking in the same place as me on the 8th, just a few hours earlier – and he heard a cuckoo too.  So I did hear a cuckoo.

Just thought you’d like to know.  Clever folk have been fitting cuckoos with 5 gram transmitters that give the location of migrating cuckoos every few hours for many months.  This will take you to a map animation.

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