Friday: The Elevators; Saturday: Asbo Derek

The straight ahead blues band (OK, they did one Van Morrison song) enhanced by a four piece brass section played for free at the Con Club in Lewes.  Fear not, Con is short for Constitutional.    Haven’t been quite so close to dancing about a bit for many a long year – but of course I resisted.

They sang ‘The sun’s gonna shine in my backyard someday’, which sounds like the cry of the optimistic diallist, and its probably for a couple of hours around the summer solstice.

Then came Saturday and the celebration of being together for 35 years for Simon and Penny.  Expected to know 4 people there, but met far more.  Hophead for liquids, and Terre a Terre for solids, and Asbo Derek for edgy songs.  One song consisted of a series of short questions, ending with a two-word chorus.  Not really possible to repeat in this family-friendly site, but I’ll provide one couplet:

Would you f**k the working class?

Teresa May.

The band seemed to be ex-social workers, or linked to social work, so I think they know from whence they come.  Just by way of balance I should say that one of the band is a painter-decorator, and before Asbo D we were entertained by some madrigals sung from the minstrels gallery (Hanover Centre).

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