Launch of Brighton and Lewes Downs Biosphere Reserve

On Monday 23rd June 2014 I went to the Jury’s Inn hotel beside Brighton railway station to join in the formal celebration of our new Biosphere reserve.  Lots of familiar faces, some excellent words spoken – nicely praising Chris Todd for his long and key involvement in both the creating of a South Downs national park and now this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Chris saying it like it is at the Biosphere Reserve celebration.

Chris saying it like it is at the Biosphere Reserve celebration.

Lets hope that the latter generates lots of mechanisms for involving the wider Brighton urban community in understanding the key role of our wider environment.  Especially on the day before the papers are telling us about the insect and invertebrate killing power of neonichotinoid pesticides across the planet on a scale not seen since Silent Spring and DDT.

“Far from protecting food production the use of neonicotinoids is threatening the very infrastructure which enables it.” said a French expert.  What he meant was that killing minibeasts in the soil and air above it in a near random manner is a sure-fire way of destroying the eco-system upon which life on Earth depends.  Its a sort of slow but effective suicide.  And we are complicit in it.

I didn’t think I needed to spend money on organic foods because – well I’m nearer dead than alive so why bother – but now I see its necessary I spend the extra money, not for me but for the earthworms, the bees and all the living things that matter most.  We must also continue to grow as much veg as I can, because we can control the poisons we use.

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