8 days in Yorkshire (is like a year in any other place)

The line in parentheses is a reference to a 10cc song, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t know it.  Meanwhile, in Cleckheaton, I went for a walk on Route 66.  Route 66 of the National Cycle Network, down to Clecky town centre and Obadiah Clarke’s (a Wetherspoon’s) where I drank the very excellent, hugely hoppy Enchantment, brewed at Adnams by The Alchemist Brewery of Vermont.  It was a brown American Pale Ale

Its taking me a bit of time to feel at home here.  Called at Tesco’s for wine and beer.  The young man at the till was chatty as he added up my bottles but I did not understand a word he said, so I smiled and nodded.  The credit card process was fast, so I mentioned this (by way of making up for previous conversational failure) and the young man replied – and I didn’t comprehend a word of it!

Next day we all walked to Dewsbury down Route 66.  Very hot day.  Two of the Sustrans cast iron signs had been painted to celebrate the passing of the Tour de France.  One was white with red spots (king of the mountain jersey) and the other was yellow ( a more famous jersey, but I’m not sure what its for).  The heat was causing the broom seed pods to explode with crackly popping all around us, scattering the small black seeds.

In Dewsbury market Jackie pointed out a vegetable stall selling Brockley.  Nearly all the stalls were run by Asian Muslims but one was a pork butcher.  ‘Established in the time of Queen Victoria’ it announced, perhaps by way of explaining its presence in this largely non-pork eating community.

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