Kate Daisy Grant and Nick Pynn at TOM 5th Sept 2014

Yesterday we walked down town in the late afternoon for a drink at the Foundry in North Laine (Timmy Taylor’s Landlord) before bussing to Norfolk Square for dinner at Iydea (that’s like idea but with a ‘y’ in it) – all vegetarian and lovely if a bit carb-heavy – before walking on to The Old Market (TOM) for a beer and nearly three hours of music.  Concert started with Nick Pynn building music loops on stage with his vast range of instruments, including a slightly bent mountain dulcimer he made himself (no-one else to blame then), a set of six long-stemmed glasses he plays with a wet finger and calls the Crystal Sisters, a violin, a Theremin and a saw.

Then he introduced a friend and musician who he said he mainly met in airports waiting for luggage.  Can’t recall his name but he was a sort of cross between Al Stewart (folky, self deprecating rather introvert songs) and Wilko Johnson (loud thrash singer/guitarist getting on in years but keen).

After a break (I switched from Harvey’s Blue Label to Dark Star Sunburst) Kate Daisy Grant did a set to launch her new album, but some older things in there as well.  Startling voice and another wide selection of instruments including a clockwork cages singing bird, a Stylophone, a row of 8 bells on a stick, a small loudspeaker cunningly turned into a drum and her keyboard.  Strange songs suggesting mental instability, but delightful and witty.

Try this bit of video (Little Bird)

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