We walk to a brewpub that doesn’t, and invent a new beer.

Five of us set out for the Roseland Arms at Philleigh, along the coastal path to the north of Portscatho, cutting inland after two miles at Curgurrel Farm.  Watched a beautifully lit kestrel hovering over coastal meadows as we walked – the weather is gorgeous.  Then used minor roads and some footpaths to access Philleigh – there are three footpaths which set out towards the village from Curgurrel, but all stop at the parish boundary, half a mile short of the village.  I suspect some rights-of-way were lost when the definitive plans were approved – most footpaths do go somewhere.

It turns out that the pub ceased brewing a year ago, but the landlord has a brewer-pal in Redruth who still produces their own beer – Shag (its a seabird, very common in these parts).  Shag has good bitter flavour, but just a little too malty for my taste, the alternative was Sharp’s Atlantic (thin but with a nice citrus hop), but mixing halves of each proved satisfactory – we named it Shaglantic.  So good I drank it twice, with a mushroom and bacon cheesy sauce dish and some cheesy chips stolen from Jerry’s plate.

We returned via two unusual rights-of-way, an ‘other routes with public access’ and a ‘byway open to all traffic’ (BOAT).  The latter had a pretty clapper bridge of granite slabs and an adjacent ford.

Jackie giving scale to a ford just north of Penhalligans.

Jackie giving scale to a ford just north of Penhalligans.

Further on we passed through a vineyard heavy with grapes (a few less after we passed), but we made far less impact than local badgers, whose latrines were full of grape skins and pips.

Pam had stayed at the house, partly to prepare her famous nutroast with all the trimmings for our dinner.

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