Back at the Booth Museum for a Night of the Slightly Strange

6th November at 7pm the doors of the Booth opened and let the gathered crowd of about 40 people in, out of the rain*.  Over the next hour and a bit Jackie and I had the opportunity to watch a taxidermist inject water into a dead gulls eyeballs as part of initial measurement** taking prior to skinning the bird, watch a strange selection of Victorian Lantern slides, watch a man prepare dead butterflies for display, try to identify three butterflies in a case full of moths, enjoy a glass of wine and roam the museum listening to many people express surprise at how interesting it all was and why hadn’t they been before.

Afterwards we went to Al Campo Lounge on London Road for Tapas, a bowl of cheesy chips and a bottle of Rioja (mixing the best of two cultures).

* The event was a sell-out with 200 tickets sold, but people could come anytime during the 3 hours between 7 and 10pm.

** The gull had been frozen, then thawed for preparation, and the process leads to loss of liquid from the eyes, so water is added to get them back to natural size, so that glass ones of the right size can be installed.

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