Cinecity comes Brighton

As part of the programme of films and film related stuff coming to town later this month there is to be an exhibition complete with film music representing sets for the unmade film of Ann Quinn’s novel Berg.  We have the book, first published in 1964, but I had not read it until last week.  Phew!  What a dark story, and written in a way that doesn’t help illuminate it.  She was influenced by movies of the time, suggests Cinecity’s programme, and so they are showing some of them.

One is The L-shaped Room by Lynne Reid Banks, which I was gripped by when I bought it as one of my book-club monthly choices back in about 1964.  But why is the lead character in the film a French woman, not English like the book?  Perhaps a young pregnant single woman trying to make her way alone in a London bed-sit was more acceptable as a foreigner?

Another film is ‘Last Year at Marienbad’, a new wave film (I think) of 1961 which I saw sometime in the 70’s, and have the ‘script a novel’ from an US publisher that my first wife acquired because she thought it so good.  So now I can see both movies and an unknown to me – West 11 –  over three days, before visiting the Berg installation.

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