John Cooper Clarke at the Brighton Theatre Royal

No photography allowed, so this scene setter is all I can offer.  I was in the gods.  Two other poets on before the main man – both good.  The Mancunian Mike Garry and, from Bungay, Luke Wright.

Glad I took my monocular.

Glad I took my monocular.

I suspect they were carefully chosen for theatrical fast delivery and skinniness.

Dr Clarke was excellent.  I admit I was worried, but he took over with witty banter and great poems.  The rendition of Beasley Street and Chickentown was fast as the audience expected, but I would have preferred a slower delivery.

What else do I recall?  When talking about the guest list he mentioned ‘Jack Shit and the Zeroes’, which still keeps me giggling.  Before he read Chickentown he explained that it’s not only one of his personal favourites, but it also enriches his Swear Box, “which doubles up as a high yield pension fund”.  He did an update of Beasley St called Beasely Boulevard.  But it was the witty banter that made it.

Only onstage an hour and a quarter, but well worth the £21 ticket.

Borrowed from the Guardian.

Borrowed from the Guardian.

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