Beltane Beer Festival at the Wellington, Shoreham

Yesterday, after a bit of decorating for Marian, I found myself in the centre of Shoreham, and it was shut.  nearly every shop and café, shut.  And this on a Bank Holiday when people have time to stroll, eat and drink.  Round the corner I found the Old Star micropub had an open door, so I crossed the threshold and stepped to the bar just in time for the barman to spot me and say, “I’ve just called time, we’re closed”.  A short pause was followed by, “unless you’d like a half?”

So I did – Kent Brewery APA, delicious and citrusy, but he was closing, so it was just a half.

Time to move on to the Wellington, where I found all the people who had wandered into town looking for entertainment.  Cajun music on the stage, five beers on the bar, and a second bar in the garden with five more as well as a BarBQ.

Had halves of Staggeringly Good’s Extinction Chilli Black IPA – a hoppy dark beer with chilli.  Excellent.  Hopcraft’s Midnight in Antarctica – a white porter (what??) with coffee, vanilla and coconut (double What??).  But delicious.  Took the extreme dial down for a half of Beachyhead’s Original Duke, basically their Original Ale with extra dry-hopping for the Welli.  Finished with another exciting beer – Arbor’s Monsoon Saison – seasonal farmhouse-style beer with cardamom and coriander.

It was raining when I left, but you know what – I didn’t care.

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