Ivor Cutler at the Theatre Royal

Not really,  he’s dead, but a fine rendition of him by Vanishing Point and the National Theatre of Scotland.  Amazingly enough I got a £10  standby ticket at 6.30pm, and it was third row from the front in the stalls.  The actor playing Ivor also played the harmonium, or it was  cleverly fudged by one of the other musicians on stage.  Speaking of which another was Nick Pynn,  doing his thing with loads of instruments. 

I’m going in a field,
I’m going in a field,
I’m going in a field to lie down.

Doesn’t look much, but it was core to the whole show the covered his life from birth to death, including his time as a teacher (who would not use the strap), his part in a Beatles film (Magical Mystery Tour) and his time on the John Peel show.
In a question and answer session afterwards we heard from a woman in the audience, who had been a primary pupil of his in London, that he taught his class to sing a song called Fried Liver, which she later learnt was actually his version of Moon River.  He also told the class that when they became teenagers they would change sex.


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2 Responses to Ivor Cutler at the Theatre Royal

  1. fredpipes says:

    The Q and A sounded a lot more interesting than the play, which despite Nick Pynn, could have been a lot better for £22.50!

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