Saturday 30th May – a busy one

Egg on toast, laundry and shopping done,

its hedonism from here on.

Down to the museum to hear Alexandra Loske talk on their Fine Art collection, then over to Southwick for an exhibition on the history of Albion Street (the harbour-side road once busy with sea-related businesses) before strolling into Shoreham for a beer at the Wellington followed by dinner at Marian’s.

Finally here’s a line or three from a John Clare poem (Field Path) I heard on Radio 4 a few days ago:

The hedge briar rose hung right across the path,

white over with its flowers – the grass that lay

bleaching beneath the twittering heat to hay

smelt so deliciously, the puzzled bee

went wondering where the honeyed sweets could be.

Love that ‘twittering heat to hay’, is it the noise of grass drying plus the sound of grasshoppers and distant birds?  Anyway its summer.

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