Two museums and two pubs.

At Brighton museum to hear Alexandra talk about a few of the paintings in the museum’s collection.  Robert Be van’s ‘Cabstand,  night’ was my favourite, a much underated artist in his lifetime.

I also saw for the first time a fine portrait of Martha Gunn by an unknown artist.  Alexandra told us it had spent a number of years in a mud hut in Africa, but offered no further insights.


Martha Gunn

Then we went on to Southwick, to see an exhibition showing the south coast road as it was in the last century.  Full of pubs, shops, maritime businesses and terraced houses, all pulled down in the 60s and replaced by blocks of flats surrounded by grass.  One shopkeeper had a very modern young man look, with hair brushed straight back and held down with gloop, and a full beard and moustache.  In fact classic hipster look so popular in Brighton today.


Charles Thomas Ward, chemist.

Charles Thomas Ward, chemist

Walked on to the Wellington for a beer (Brass Castles Burnout, Isfields Toad in the Ale and Dark Stars Hophead) before dinner with Marian and an early bus back towards Brighton.  I saw towards Brighton  because we hopped off the bus at the Neptune to catch a song or two by a Cajun band before getting another bus home.


Cajun band at the Neptune

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