In Banff

A nice little town with streets named after the wildlife.  Fox, Cougar, Rabbit, Elk and Squirrel for example.  Bear Street is special as it has the Bear  Tavern, where we had the excellent Red Racer pale ale from Central City Brewing.  Today we found a place on a small hill where we spent time drawing.  Then down town and on to a riverside walk to the cataract called Bow Falls. 


Having a beer in the Bear Tavern.


And the falls.  Not huge but noisy and full of tourists.
A cheap day, we bought vegetables and a can of soup to make a big stand up soup in our kitchen.  Yes, we had an upgrade to a two roomed apartment with kitchen.  Early start tomorrow and onto a train for two days.


Cascade mountain from the Bow river.

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One Response to In Banff

  1. jonastephenson says:

    The sign says The Bison???

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