Vancouver day 1

In the morning the room still looked gloomy but the foyer was pleasant and staff friendly, so we are staying.  Walking downtown nearly had us changing our minds.  This is a poor area.  The pavement is a marketplace for the homeless and near homeless to spread their saleable bits and pieces.  They all know each other, and there is lots of greeting and hugging as new folk arrive with their carts and trolleys of stuff.  But we feel very uncomfortable passing through, though we are mainly ignored
Just a few blocks along and normal life resumes.  Cafes and art shops and cultural heritage hard-by poverty.


Gassy Jack ran a bar here and was a founder of Vancouver, or Gastown anyway.  ‘Gassy’ because he talked so much, and he came from Hull, England.  Just a little further along is the steam clock, powered by a steam distribution company (used as heating mainly).


It’s famous around here but not as interesting as the Steam Brewing Company,  which also uses distributed steam for its brewing.


And here is Jackie providing evidence of beer.


And here the view from our table.  Then onto the harbour side for a walk to Stanley Park.


Proof if needed, that we were there and that lots of money is as well.  Should mention the beers at last stop.  Sampled oatmeal stout, white angel IPA (Witbier with cascade hops), summer white (witbier), empress ale (pale bitter with a touch of citrus) and pale ale (a gentle ale) but the best was Gastown Saison,  so I stuck with that.  In the evening we went back and the owner (Eli) came over to ask what we thought of his beers, and to introduce us to his son (Zak) and wife. He also suggested a few other brew pubs to try.


Big bridge linking north Vancouver to Stanley Park.


Some of the First Nation totem poles in Stanley Park.

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