Still seeking beer

Passing the train and bus stations and heading down another Main Street under a hot sun we plodded on, reaching the Brassneck Brewery at 11.30 only to discover it opens to public at 2pm.  Then recalled a bar seen on streetview, just round the corner.  The Whip turned out to be managed by a woman who’s husband brews for Off The Rail, and the other person working front of house not only comes from Cornwall but also worked for Granville Island Brewery when it was good and before bought by Molson.  So that explains the indifferent beer there.


Corn is lass pulls a sample of raspberry beer – I didn’t like it, sorry.  But did like Bridge Brewing All Out Stout and 33 Acres Calif ornaments Common, and even Hoyne Summer Haze Honey Hefe.  On her suggestion we found the nearby Steel Toad brewery where we had Yorkshire Bitter on hand pump.  Not bad, but no citrus hops.  But they made up for the lack in West Coast IPA.
We did not go into this beer warehouse of a place, it was heaving.  Lots of USA folk here for the match at 5pm USA v Nigeria. 



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