To Victoria

A day of travel and wait.  Walked to the bus station  where we watched guys pushing trolleys laden with sacks of drinks containers, glass metal and plastic, even card and plastic laminated cartons, all heading to the cashing place where they’d get 10 cents a container.  I guess the system works so long as there is an artificially high price for the containers, but not so high that householders think it worth collecting the cash.
More street life included a girl giving her boyfriend a haircut, a young guy cleaning his teeth before rolling an enormous joint ( you can buy all kinds of dope here perfectly legally, some of the younger beggars have a cup on the street with ‘contributions for our grass fund’ written on a scrap of cardboard beside it).  We boarded our coach at noon and set off south, through miles of suburbs, then industrial areas and finally farmland before reaching port facilities, where we drove straight onto the ferry and found our way up to a dining area for really nice salads.  The ferry passes through islands between Vancouver and Victoria, and seems to be battling strong tidal flows in these narrow passages.


In Victoria we passed a statue to Emily Carr, then found our hotel.  It’s in a very quiet part of town, with lots of old houses.


Like this one – though many are being replaced with three storey apartment blocks.  We found a place to eat thanks to Google.  Only 8 minutes walk away, 9 local craft ales, good BC wines and tasty food – the Heron Rock Bistro.


Category 12 Saison above, and a BC gewurztraminer to go with Jackie’s salmon on cous cous and corn with aubergines, and my chicken and root veg with semolina and manchego dumplings.  Found a good off licence on the same block for a half bottle of Canadian whisky – Forty Creek from Grimsby, Ontario.

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