North American Sundial Society Victoria Tour

Another early breakfast and out on a walking tour, first Government house for a 1950s dial of no special interest.  Then onto an ex – nunnery where a dial exists on top of a copy of some sort of ex – ecclesiastic stonework.  More interesting was the Dreadnought in stone that a retired priest built, complete with fountains from its guns, in 1914, now largely derelict.
Then a walk up to a cathedral which had a dial but I missed it.  What I did hear was that there was a split  the church that led to the old wooden one became a church of a Baptist flavour, whilst the rest built a big stone job in 1929 that was more common prayer book based.  Sadly none of this means a bloody thing to me.


The nunnery dial.  
The next stop was after we boarded a coach, we rose up to an observatory, which apparently is at the centre of the universe.


You may have to look closely at the signs to believe what  I tell you.  Then to some lovely gardens built by a wife who had to make something pleasing from  the quarry her cement making husband left of their property.  Delightful gardens but a small and dull dial.


This is the quarry after she sorted it out.  If I was a better planner you would see the remaining cement kiln chimney at the top right, but I didn’t see it until later – sorry.  Loads of gorgeous dragonflies and butterflies here.  Then we drove through some very expensive real estate to find a dial on the coast we saw a day ago, but this time the sun shone.


Sadly there were so many of us looking at it, and listening to one of the designers, that we couldn’t see the dial.  We went on to the Bent Mast for a drink before dinner back at the Heron Rock Bistro.

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