More Vancouver Island observations.

In several places we have seen evidence and heard about early logging here.  Done with big axes, the feller would start by climbing a few feet off the ground to fix a board into a notch cut into the tree trunk above the flared base of the tree.  He would then stand on the board to begin chopping into the trunk.  When it was ready to fall he’d have to jump down and run.


You can see an old notch in the above trunk, and a hemlock tree growing from the trunk of a tree probably felled a century ago.  Saw this at a picnic place called Englishmans River Falls on our way back from Tofino to Victoria.  The falls are noisy but hard to see, even from the bridge over the river, because the water tumbles into a notch in the hard black rock.


Kate is here, but the falls are not clear.  The tree trunk in the background do must be 70 to 90 feet long.


Slightly better view.  This place is on the east off the island, and the sun is  back in a clear sky, and the temperature has gone from 16 on the west coast to 28 here.  We are threatened with 36 degrees C in Nelson!


In a place with big trees the use big wood.  A street bench in Tofino.

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