Wildlife hereabouts

After the merest glimpse of a bear from the Rocky Mountaineer nothing else comes close, nonetheless the frequent sightings of a big yellow butterfly, from Calgary to Tofino, is worthy of mention.  An Internet search tells us its a Canadian Yellow Swallowtail.  Probably my animal of the trip.  We have photo on Jackie’s camera, so not available in this medium just now.  Much less available are pics of garter snakes and painted turtles – we saw one of each at a lake near Kate’s home, as well as a kingfisher (not as nicely coloured as our version) and lots of robins (really brown blackbirds with black heads and a browny breast).
The least said about the banana slug the better – 6 inches of yellow and black slug. Saw just the one, in normal weather here (wetter and cooler) we might have seen hundreds?
In Victoria deer are present in pest numbers, leaping 6 foot fences to nip the flowers off bedding plants and graze the greens on your veg plot.  A neighbour of Kate has put up a plastic fence to reduce deer grazing his evergreen hedge, see grazing line in pic below.


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