Travelling to Nelson

Kate dropped us at the airport and we took the first of two short hops, this to Vancouver.  Barely up and we descended again.  Small plane, just 50 passengers inside and two big propellors outside.  Hung around for 40 minutes and back onto the same plane for the longer hop into the mountains.  Greeted with big hugs by Penny.  Seemed a little odd – big hug from stranger, but probably normal for brother and sister.  Nice anyway.
Penny’s house in the woods about 15 minutes drive from Nelson, is delightful.  30 foot high triangular glazed north facing windows letting light into a big sitting room, dining area and kitchen as well as a mezzanine.  Big deck off it.  Sitting on said deck with a beer when we started to hear distant thunder.  It built over 30 minutes and big rain drops started to fall.  Within minutes it was torrential and we rushed about getting things under cover and getting soaked in the process.  Then the wind started to build and the power went off.
We decided to drive into town for dinner only to find one route off her property blocked by a big fallen conifer – the top 40 feet or so of a big tree had just snapped off and dropped across the drive narrowly missing a friends camper van.
When we got to town, driving around and under several more fallen trees, we discovered Nelson had a blackout too, so headed back to Penny’s for salads and cheese.  Penny brought us back to our hotel where the front desk staff handed us a torch and wished us goodnight.


Baker Street Best Western in Nelson, and the wooded hills which surround  Nelson.  Next morning we had power, but Penny has been with out for 2 days now.  We went for coffee at a place which installed a pleasing dial as part of the landscaping.


Sorry about poor shot of Jackie, but the dial shows well.  Heard from a friend of Penny’s that at a nearby trailer park 4 trailers were hit by falling trees and one, lived in by a friend of Penny, is unusable because a power cable it lying across.
We set off for a ferry to cross from West Kootenay to East Kootenay.  The big lake here is the Kootenay, and the ferry forms part of the BC highways and is free to all.  And it’s on a cool breezy lake, good when the temp is in the high 30s.


On board the ferry.

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