More in Nelson

The ferry took us to the east shore and a place called Crawford  Bay which is a community full of artisans (as they say here).  The guys who made brooms for the Harry Potter movies are here, and they make great brooms from sorghum stems.  There is a blacksmith, Potters,  enamellers and more.  Bought a plate – hope it gets home in one piece.  Found a great place for lunch, and it had some Nelson beers.


But it still seems odd getting good beer in cans.


Outside an Artisanal house.  Another was of straw bale construction and housed weavers.  After the 45 minute return ferry we arranged to have dinner by the lake as still no power at Penny’s.  Great rumbles of thunder and darkening skies, but no rain or storm tonight.


View from restaurant at dinner, the lake here is just an arm of the much wider one some distance to the east, and though the picture is poor you might see Bob in the distance.  Bob is the Big Orange Bridge, and there was a lot of fuss when some authority proposed painting it a different colour.


Two more Nelson Brewery beers.  All organic which goes with the hippy feel of the place.

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