Exploring Nelson and eating with the Stephensons

On our own in town we (perhaps mainly me) sought out a hardware and paint store to look at Canadian stuff.  Surprised to see those woven metal wire cased flexible tap connectors at under three dollars each, but you might not care, so perhaps their very different way of describing paints, nearly all are latex, very little oil gloss paint available now, but the latexes are either vinyl (soft, easy to sand to smooth finish, best for indoors, but not hard wearing) and acrylic  (harder finish, tougher and better for outside and for longevity).  Of course that may not interest you either, so we move on.


This is Nelson Fire Hall, made famous (of a sort) in Steve Martin’s movie Roxanne. Just round the corner is the Nelson Brewery, in the same building as a much older brewery, and having some great gas plumbing art.


I know you want to see the gas stuff better, so here it is.


One of the meters was rotating at about a cubic foot of gas in a few seconds, must be boiling the wort inside.
We also visited a small park with Creek and waterfall – Cottonwood Creek Falls Park – which was re site of the first hydro power plant in town in 1896.  A dam and a piped leet fed two 36 inch diameter Pelton turbines and generated DC electricity, but it was soon too small and ever since there has been more damming of the Kootenay to provide more electricity – we must have passed 5 dams on the short drive to Castlegar airport.


Beautifully cool under the trees and beside the water at Cottonwood Creek. We spent some time in the museum before Penny picked us up and we all went to her place.  Jackie told us a story she picked up in the museum.  Before motorised fire engines they used horses to pull the pumps and ladders, and the horses knew to move out front when the fire bells rang, so they could be hitched to the engine.  Once petrol engines replaced the horses they were tasked with pulling a refuse wagon, but if they heard the fire bell ring they’d rush to the fire hall  complete with their refuse wagon.
Great dinner and two new firsts for us – first time eating tofu, and first time eating nutrient yeast – as a component of a dressing for grated beet and carrots with brown rice and rocket and tofu dinner.


Penny and Jackie just about visible at the dining table in the big sitting room.


Penny and Spud coming back to the house.  We all went for a walk down the road to see the neighbours, which can be hard when they are set back off the road 50 yards and behind a bit more forest.

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