Cowfold to West Grinstead and Partridge Green

Steve and I went to Cowfold by number 17 bus and explored the church and it’s setting.  Lovely oak porch on the church and all the cottages on two sides of the cemetery face the church rather than the streets.  Pleasing place.


Porch and tower beyond.


Cottages facing the church, like what I said above.
Then on towards the west, seeking a glance at the Clock House.  It is praised as one of the best local houses in Pevsner,  so worth a look, if it’s visible from the public highway.  Met a chap on the lane near our target, and asked him if it was worth going on – would we be able to see the house?  Turned out that Dean owned the place, and took us on a tour of the exterior, telling us more than Pevsner had to say.  Really nice bit of serendipity.  No pics though, that would have been impolite.  The house is a rebuild on a much older timber framed house, plus a fine stone chimney and inglenook fireplace from another location, all rebuilt in the arts and crafts style in early 20th century, or perhaps late 19th.  But some nearby homes echoed the style well, like this cottage just half a mile down the lane.


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