Archaeological Society trip to Folkstone, Dover and Deal

A new trench at the cliff top to explore and collect artifacts and evidence of previous occupation before all is lost to erosion.  We heard from the man in charge about the long established pre Roman greensand stone quern making industry which occupies a huge part of this area, but was probably brought to a sudden end when the Romans decided to build a grand villa on the clifftop, and told the industrialists to hop it.  “We don’t want that kind of noisy and dirty business activity near our nice new palace, thank you very much”.


You might just spot a quernstone in the middle of this photo.  Queens from the greensand outcrop here have been found up in the Thames Valley and in East Anglia – it was big business.  Probably most went by water, along the coast and up rivers.  And in Dover museum we saw the remains of a Bronze Age wooden boat of a type which could have moved heavy goods.  Had a good but quick look at it before adjourning round the corner to a newish micropub.  Leather sofas and a grandfather clock set the awfully nice tone of the place.  Turns out we had met the owners before, at a bar and guest house they used to run round the corner in Castle Street.  Small world.


Time for two pints before we set off for Deal and one of those castles by Henry 8 to fend off the French.  Pretty but just like the St Mawes one on Roseland.


We found a sundial without a gnomon.  Oddly the plate is fixed on top of an earlier one, never seen that before.

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