Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick at St Lukes Church

Really went for Mr Carthy,  not being a big violin fan, but the way the two of them played so well together made me a bit of a convert to the violin.  Swarbrick seemed to get Carthy fired up, so he played with more of that harsh picking style than I’ve heard from him for a long time.
In an interval I just had to say hello, and mention seeing him and the Watersons in their Hull venue when I was at school.  And then to add that we are related by marriage – his brother in law was married to a cousin of mine.  He said he was seeing cousin Ann the next day and would pass on my hello. I still didn’t buy a CD.


They were good when playing together but great when they came together and worked so much closer, clearly enjoying the process.


Swarbrick glancing up to see if another round was in order, or should they end it this time.  Usually it was another round, with a bit more flamboyance.  Great night, and they had Harveys at three pounds a pint voluntary contribution ( church not able to sell beer ).

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