A Day Trip to Hove

Just over a mile west, up and over the hill which is Seven Dials, I walked to City Books to collect one ordered two days earlier, and to pop into an old fashioned ironmongers, Banfield’s, to source some metalwork to make an improved swing for the kitchen (the first suffered metal fatigue in one of its supporting hooks and dumped me onto the vinyl).

Got the book OK – ‘The Trilobite Book’ by Riccardo Levi-Setti – but the man in Banfield’s told me I needed two thimbles and two swing hooks.  The former I could get at a ships chandler, the latter he used to stock, but stopped because he’d only sell two every five or so years.  ‘Try the internet’, he said.

I walked on, deeper into Hove to find a beer in the Watchmakers Arms, a micropub close to Hove station.  Had a board of three thirds of a pint, being:

Vibrant Forest’s RadicAle (the brewery is in the New Forest) a dark sweetish stout.

Axeholme’s Darley’s Ghost a reddish malty brew which must reference the old Darley’s Brewery who’s beers were common around the Humber when I were a lad, but long gone now (the Isle of Axeholme being a district on the south bank of the Humber near Thorne where Darley’s Brewery and my maternal grandmother once had their homes).

Downland’s very pale Green Hop ale, a local seasonal brew using the fresh green hops before the bulk of the crop are dried for storage and later use across the year.

I drank the RadicAle before I thought of a picture - sorry.

I drank the RadicAle before I thought of a picture – sorry.

Walking back to Brighton I saw a branch of Wickes and thought again of my kitchen swing.  Of course they had no swing hooks, nor any thimbles, but they did stock a screw-locking carabiner thing – designed to join two pieces of steel chain together and look like a link.  These could replace the thimbles, I thought, so I bought a pair.

Closer to Brighton I passed lots of bulky household waste placed on the pavement near two big community refuse bins.  I can only assume some prat decided it was cheaper and easier for such an anti-social git to leave his trash on the street where it would only offend the whole of the passing public than to keep it in his own home until he arranged its disposal at his own cost.  This way the skinflint anti-social prattish git gets to save his money by putting his waste disposal costs onto the wider community.

So I needed another beer and somewhere to sit and regain my composure.  The Evening Star beckoned and I gave in willingly.  More new beers:

Red Cat’s Mr M Porter a sweet chocolatey dark beer.

Arbor’s Motueka (perhaps New Zealand hops??)

Hastings Brewery’s naturally cloudy Citra Ella IPA – full of those fruity hops I love so much.

Much refreshed I strolled home, making use of the recently opened new staircase linking the station to the London Road area

I've ben waiting for months for this flight of stairs to open, and now that they are, they are just a flight of steps.

I’ve ben waiting for months for this flight of stairs to open, and now that they are, they are just a flight of steps.

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