A film about the old fruit and veg market

Called in at Onca Gallery whilst out for a walk and was delighted to watch a film about the old market.  When I came to Brighton it was working, and it gave the reason for the all night diner (still there, but a new customer base) as lorries bringing produce rumbled in at night, and vans and (and hand barrows) took it out to local grocers early each morning.

It opened in 1937, and had all the family traders inside, names like Novis, T Rolls and Marchant as well as T A Stables (trading as Tastables near Preston Circus now) and Mears of course (still in the Open Market).  One guy said they might have three generations all working together.  There was even a merchant who only sold watercress.

market office sign (600 x 418)

The spray can artist AROE was decorating a roller shutter, and it gradually became clear that his work was a Rest In Peace memorial for a guy killed by the blast effect of a stray German bomb during WW2.  The bomb came down at a low angle, straight through the fragile roof of the market, hit the concrete floor and bounced low and upwards, exiting through a high window and going across the road and into the health clinic where it exploded killing many.  The blast caused a rolling shutter door to shatter and spray away from the blast as shrapnel, killing one guy in the market.

You have a few days to see it, last day is 28th November.


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