Ladies Football anyone?

In the Evening Star having a few halves when a guy came in and we talked.  He was back from Lewes where he’d watched Lewes Ladies footballers play . . . .well, someone.  He went on to tell me how the women’s team of Brighton and Hove, who normally play in Lancing, are about to have a game at the Falmer Village Stadium.  This is a BIG THING, and the management hope to attract a couple of thousand spectators.  Normal crowd is around a hundred.

So, how about a group outing?  Sunday 6th December, a 2pm start (I was told, but check it), and tickets are £4.  I’m told its £35 to see the boys kick a ball about.  Harveys will be available, but perhaps not Dark Star, as (I was told) there may not be sufficient people to justify two beers.

Incidentally I had Chocolata from Arbor brewing, Rockhead from Dark Star – an excellent American brown ale – and Oakham’s Bishops Farewell, a pale and hoppy fellow.

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