Sunrise at Brighton seafront

Inspired by Sandra’s Hassocks sunrise of a few days ago on Facebook I thought I’d try something similar.  Sadly there is no early sunrise from home – deep in a valley it only appears an hour after the real thing, and all the colour is gone by then.  Left the house at 7.15 and walked briskly to the front where I found a good spot immediately east of the Palace Pier.  Predawn red sky looking good.

pre-dawn 25th Jan16

Moments later another person was beside me, also pointing his camera at the end of the marina.  Told me he had just arrived from south Wales with his cherry-picker.  Apparently he drives it to locations where contractors need it for a day or so.  Today is a bit of work finishing the exterior of the new Youth Hostel in the Old Steine.  Minutes later the sun began to push up from below the horizon.


The first picture has what’s left of the big wheel – it is being dismantled, all the pods have been removed.  Its part of the process which will see it replaced by another recreational vertical people carrier, the i-360, or i-sore as some will have it.  It seems Brighton only has space for one near-pointless up and down people carrier thingy.

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