A Trudge through Mud

Thursday 10th March and Steve and I accepted an early lift to Angmering village from Rowena, departing Brighton at 7am.  A very grey day, but not wet or windy.  We started by exploring Angmering – its church and High Street cottages

eagle (578 x 600)

Soon enough we had to leave dry pavements and enter the countryside, walking north under the main A280 and down a wet lane leading to a filthy footpath.  But first, and encounter with curious wildlife.  On a big pond a lot of ducks decided we might be carrying duck food, so they paddled over to check, but soon lost interest when we failed to feed them.  More encounters follow.

The final stretch of path was soggy turf relieved only by a long line of ants nests, close to the fence posts, which probably offered protection from periodic ploughing, and so explain why the nests grew big here.

ant nests (360 x 600)

The church at Patching was locked (as all were this day) but had a strange symbol in a carved stone plaque above the porch door.  The church was dedicated to St John the Divine, but that adds nothing to my understanding.

strange symbols (600 x 553)

Half a mile of tarmac later we reached the village of Clapham where an enterprising sole had opened a wooden hut for coffees and cake, naming it Clapham Junction.  We had coffee, no cake.

clapham junction (600 x 431)

After visiting their church we headed south for Worthing via Highdown Hill, but started by passing a field of sheep and curious lambs that skipped and bounded over.

leaping lambs (600 x 399)

Followed by a field of hungry chickens who showed no fear of humans at all.  Several tried eating toggles, tags and zips on Steve’s clothes and bag.

steve and chickens (600 x 440)

We had a little trouble getting across the dual carriageway, after discovering the tunnel under the road did not exist, but did get to see a red, black and white woodpecker, though the photo needed a lot of enlarging to reveal anything.


At the top of Highdown Hill we had lunch, with a photo opportunity for Fred Pipes.

lunch on highdown hill (600 x 497)

Then down to Goring station and a quick train to Worthing and the Brooksteed Alehouse.  Time for two halves (Naked Beer Co Flashing Amber and Big Rabbit Unit 1 Red Ale) before they shut at 2.30pm, then down to the Anchored in Worthing for a taster board of three thirds.  Franklins Pavillion 35, Brighton Bier Mino and Ashdown Morning Dew Pale Ale (a distinctly English Pale Ale, but very pleasant).






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