North Laine pubs and a beer or three

On the 6th March, after a morning fixing a 100mm diameter pipe through the kitchen wall for a new oven hood extractor I felt I had earnt a beer, and I needed a stretch of the limbs, so it was head downtown and see what was to be found.  Mrs Fitzherberts is shut for what looks like a major extension and refurb. so I was walking past when friend Strat stepped out of a side door of the Dome Theatre complex.  He explained he had been lighting the Vagina Monologues – as if that constituted an explanation!

miss fitz

He had an hour before the cast were due on stage and he had to return to ensure the lighting lit as necessary.  I refuse to be drawn.  We popped into ‘Spoons to see what they had, and found a pleasing IPA from a US brewer working with a Wolverhampton brewery.  When Strat left I decided on another pub, and went to the Nelson – oh, foolish me.  Still closed for extension and refurbishment!  But I did finally find the Exotic Creature which was too big for a telecoms box, painted on a wall at the end of Trafalgar Lane.  A cameleopardus.


Discovered just as the Exhibition at the Royal Pavilion closes.  Decided on the Pedestrians Arms, or Foundry as its mainly called now (both names are still on show outside).  Delightful atmosphere there.  I would have tried the Pond, but it had just closed for the afternoon as I passed.    The excellent pint of APA from Long Man brewery helped add to the existing warm feel from the comfy seats, compact space and gentle burble of conversation, plus excellent music (Beach Boys, Turtles and Stones).  An afternoon bar which I should visit with friends, perhaps before strolling home to feed all.  At 5pm we reached happy hour, when the guest ale was only £3.40 a pint, as it was Harveys I decided to have one.

Going Home (to quote the Stones) I nearly passed the Great Eastern.  Fortunately I recalled that they sell good beer, and stepped in through the curved corner door.  A half of Downland Hop Contact was accompanied by Talking Heads.  Finally (and about time, some may shout) I had a half of Downland Devils Dyke porter, made especially creamy with just a hint of cascara (the pulp and skin of the coffee berry).

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