Poppies, weeds/not weeds.

A few days ago Jackie brought a bunch of unopened poppies from the allotment, where they had been rudely removed to make way for food plants.  They were sad and limp, but after nearly a week in water they are looking very good.  The flowers start life very crumpled, tightly packed into two sepals, which fall away as the petals expand as they fill with water (I guess).  The Latin name is papaver, which I had assumed had a link to paper, because of the crumpled early petal, but I now read it is from Pappa, Latin for milk – the  colour of the sap being white.

P1090557 (600 x 450)

Whilst I’m on about flowers please let me share two more, from the garden this time.  Our echium, after the main flower spike died off last autumn, two more rose from the same plant this year – from about two feet high to well over 20 feet!

P1090565 (450 x 600)

And somewhat shorter, but a seasonal delight at the pond, yellow flag.

P1090563 (600 x 450)

The water is covered with a duckweed, but newts thrive below.



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