An open tumulus near Fall Bay, Rhossili

Six of us went for a short walk around Rhossili Head, taking in views over Rhossili Bay, Worms Head, Fall Bay and Mew Slade on Thursday 23rd June.  Blowy but bright.  Tide still to fall low enough to allow walkers onto the Worms Head.

inaccessible Worm's Head

Further on we saw two adult kestrels hunting and feeding a chick.  At one point an adult perched on a rock only 20 feet from us.  Also saw fulmars nesting on a distant crag, one perhaps still incubating an egg.  Sandra explained that fulmars have straighter wings than gulls, which helps with spotting them.  Ravens as well.  And a swift or two. Damn good day really.

general view tumulus above Fall Bay

Somewhere near the east end of Fall Bay, or perhaps the west end of Mewslade Bay we saw a hole in the ground exposing a couple of stone lintels, the whole thing being part of a small raised hillock, perhaps 30 feet in diameter.  Was this a burial mound, heaped over a dolmen (stones supporting a capstone, creating a protected space beneath)?  I can’t find any evidence or reference to this site, but I think it looks right.


inside a burial mound perhaps

But I did find mention of a lime kiln in the area, so perhaps this is all that remains of it, though normally they are built into a rockface where one is available – and there is no shortage of rockfaces here.  Perhaps the small limestone wall-like supports for the capstones of conglomerate suggest kiln over tumulus.  But would you build key supporting walls of a limekiln from limestone?  Some mistake surely. Shortsighted anyway.  For comparative purposes below is another limekiln seen near Oystermouth cemetery, and yes – it does seem to be at least partly limestone construction, though much larger.  I give up.

limekiln Oystermouth cemetery

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