The Big Apple and Craig Y Mor house

Now that we have returned from the Gower peninsula I have had time to do a little research, and would like to share a couple of results with you.

apple outlet

The Big Apple is a steel-reinforced cast concrete apple-shaped hut out by Mumbles Pier.  It was apparently created, along with perhaps 120 more, as part of a cider-drink marketing plan in the 1930s, or so I have read on one web-site.  I’d be delighted to hear more of its history.  It was hit by a car recently, and might have been demolished but for a huge Facebook campaign which swayed the owners (Mumbles Pier) to restore it.

craig y mor

Not far from here, heading inland up Plunch Lane, you will come to a Victorian, perhaps Edwardian house called Craig y Mor.  This was once owned by one of Jackie’s great-grandfathers.  But that’s not why I mention it, rather its location, high up and as far inland as Mumbles gets is the reason.  If I understand correctly Craig y Mor means rock by the sea.  And that is surely an odd name for a house as far from the sea as its possible to get in Mumbles.

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